Mop, bucketless, item #0816

Mop, bucketless, item #0816

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Complete system includes 16" Velcro frame, 32 oz. dispensing bottle, and 54" handle. Removable bottle features a wide opening for easy filling and clean-out. Swap-n-go modularity allows for easy switch-outs of bottles, frames, and heads. Translucent graduated bottle identifies fill level in both ounces and milliliters. Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue. Easy to hold ergonomic end-of-handle TPR ball swivels for smooth operation.

Mop heads 1318, 1350, 1355,  & 1369.

See also mop frame 0576, replacement bottle 0519, Mopster backpack 0139, chemical storage bags 1010, mop handle 0575.

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